26 November 2020
This has been one of my best beauty investments of the year! I love how it's so small and painless yet it works so well! I started to see results fast and have continued to use it.
23 November 2020
It really doesn't hurt at all! In fact you can barely feel a thing. It's helped to reduce my pores and get rid of some of the texture on my face. So overall it looks a lot smoother and clearer!
23 November 2020
I bought this not really knowing what to expect but I'm so impressed with the results so far, it's really helped being my skin back to life. In fact I prefer it to going for facial treatments.
23 November 2020
So I ordered this thinking it wasn't going to work and I'd just return it. Boy was I wrong!! I'm in my 50s and struggle with very oily skin and clogged pores. And by oily, I mean it looks like I use raw bacon as a moisturizer. I charged this ... Read More