23 November 2020
I'm required to wear a mask at work. This is great for me, being in sales, to be able to have people see my facial expressions. I feel like I can get a good deep breath of fresh air. I haven't had an issue with it fogging up, and it's ... Read More
20 November 2020
Love it! As a stylist it’s hot wearing a regular mask all day with blow drying etc. it’s also hard to communicate with my hearing impaired guests, but this helps with both! I get to wear lipstick again :-) also kudos for great customer service! Thank you!!!
17 November 2020
I teach group fitness and have been struggling to find a mask that I can teach cycle class in and still breathe (trying to keep droplets to myself). SO glad I found this mask!
14 November 2020
This mask is one of my best purchases. It protects the mouth and nose, yet allows air to circulate from the bottom. It is a great value for the money as it could replace any other mask