08 August 2020
I am not interested in slimming but rather smoothing and good bra support without painful straps digging into my shoulders. This product fits the bill perfectly. Never bunched up, nor rolled up, perfect fit.
06 August 2020
I really like this item. It fits nicely and is quite comfortable. I cannot wear a bra for very long, causes pain under the breast so this is perfect as it fully covers the upper body without pressure where it hurts.
01 August 2020
This fits well, slims you down and holds everything in place. What I like about this product compared to similar items I have tried is that the "bra" part of it actually works like a bra. I holds you place AND supports you with no wires. I very much like ... Read More
30 July 2020
How I love this tank top it holds the love handles!!! A good quality product at reasonable price.