07 July 2020
My husband bought this for me after weeks of complaining of sore neck and shoulder muscles from sitting at a desk too long. I recently switched jobs and found myself staring down at a laptop all day. This landed me with horrible posture and a sore neck and shoulders (+ ... Read More
05 July 2020
This massager is the real deal. My husband and I bought this massager, after a few friends who also have a massage gun raved about it, to help get a knot out of my shoulder and lower back. It did not disappoint! There are 3 “levels” of intensity. The 3rd level ... Read More
01 July 2020
First off, let me preface by saying I have been a practicing Doctor of Physical Therapy for over 15 years. I have treated a wide array of patients; from neurological to orthopedic. I am always in the market researching better ways to treat my patients in a way that allows the ... Read More
28 June 2020
I got this product because I borrowed it from my friend and it was just amazing. It really does penetrate deeply into your muscles and it greats for those that have muscle pains/soreness, or athletes. This massage gun offers 3 different speeds/vibration frequency along with 4 different types of massaging ... Read More
28 June 2020
I bought this for my husband and he loves this massaging gun. We use it every day. It loosens up all our tense muscles. I love this device.
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