26 May 2020
Great backpack! It's comfortable to wear, big enough to carry my essentials and not worry about pick pockets. It has a 3 digit combination lock built in and enough pockets to stay organized.
24 May 2020
This is the best backpack I've owned by a mile! The material is thick and durable, it looks great and it's perfect for wearing in any situation since it only opens from the back and has a padlock on it. Great for work and traveling.
22 May 2020
I bought this backpack for my son for college since it's got an anti-theft design. I feel safer about him carrying his electronics in this backpack since it doesn't open from the front. He says it's really convenient for carrying and keeping his things organized. It's great for kids of ... Read More
19 May 2020
I ordered this backpack before my trip to South America and it arrived just in time. It saved me so much time and I never had any belongings stolen. It's really hard for thieves to get into while your walking but it's easy for you to reach your things. I ... Read More
14 May 2020
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