23 May 2020
I've been getting back on track in the gym so I felt like it was time to invest in a decent pair of leggings and throw out my old tattered pair! I love these ones, they make your legs and butt look great!
20 May 2020
I can tell that these leggings were designed to show off a woman's shape, they look amazing on!
15 May 2020
These yoga leggings are the first pair I've owned that actually compliments my figure and they make me look like I have a bum!
13 May 2020
I ordered the pink toned leggings since I was so bored with the plain black ones I'd always wear. This pair is so much more fun without being too try-hard. I'm not a fan of printed leggings so this is the perfect in-between for me.
09 May 2020
I've been wearing these leggings everywhere, they're so comfy and they look great, they have definitely completed the athleisure or sport-luxe vibe that I often go for.
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