24 May 2020
One of the best yoga pants I've ever owned and at such a great price too!
23 May 2020
I've worn these yoga pants on so many occasions during different classes and they always feel comfortable and never make me feel like I'm drowning in sweat.
19 May 2020
I really like how simple and straight forward these yoga pants are, they're perfect for going on a run since they feel good and they match with everyone so you can just throw them on.
15 May 2020
This is my new favorite pair of leggings! I'm not exaggerating when I say they look and feel amazing. They show off my shape and they're not too tight which is a problem I've often had with leggings in the past. The stretchiness makes them feel really comfortable.
11 May 2020
I was trying to replace my jersey leggings since they were getting worn out, I prefer the material of this pair so much more. They look sporty yet they're comfortable enough to wear out and about.
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