07 July 2020
I had a work dinner a few weeks ago so I decided to buy something new. This dress was a great choice since it's elegant but it isn't too formal so I know I'll be able to wear it again.
06 July 2020
This is one of those dresses that's really versatile, it can be worn in any season, climate or location. I recently took it on a city break and I felt like wearing it every day since it's so comfortable!
05 July 2020
I adore the vibrant colors and shape of this dress, it's so elegant. The shape is what keeps it looking youthful which I like since I've worn it with chunky boots and a leather jacket or with heels and a trench coat. So it's a winner all round!
02 July 2020
This is a dress that I know I'll be able to wear all year long since it has long sleeves, a high neckline and it's the perfect length. It looks good with my ankle boots and sandals which is rare since most dresses are seasonal.
02 July 2020
This is such a comfy dress, the loose shape makes it really easy to wear. I don't generally wear tight dresses since I prefer a casual fit. That's what drew me to this one, it's my ideal design since I can belt it if I want to add shape or ... Read More
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