03 August 2020
Things that come in small packages sometimes can really make my day, so when my boyfriend presented this to me a few weekends ago, I was happy to see what was inside. This little beauty is so precious and it fits as if it was made specifically for me. I ... Read More
02 August 2020
I am never one to usually shop online for accessories, particularly jewelry, but a friend of mine had this bracelet and I wanted to get my own, so she directed me to the site, I ordered it and it was delivered quicker than I expected. I’d already seen it in ... Read More
01 August 2020
My daughter deserved a really nice gift after graduating from high school, so my wife and I picked out this beautiful double barbed cuff for her on the special day. My wife thought it would be perfect since it was so intricate and sleek, so it wouldn’t be heavy on ... Read More
31 July 2020
I don’t wear a lot of jewelry to begin with, and when I do, I want it to be fairly small and not too bulky. So this was the perfect bracelet for me because it fits quite well, and the design I find simply exquisite. Whether in formal wear or ... Read More
27 July 2020
I wanted something demure yet really made you notice it and this was a refined version of what my heart was set on. The barbed double cuff was everything for me and I think as far as accessories go, it would be hard to top this one. And from the ... Read More
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