23 October 2020
As a small-framed woman, I really have to look hard and long usually to find fitted clothes that ramp up the sexy factor, and these leather leggings are definitely an entry into my wardrobe that I am excited about! Boasting the look and feel of leather, these leggings are actually ... Read More
23 October 2020
I LOVE these pants!! They fit like a glove. It’s hard for me to find pants that fit perfectly. If they fit in the hips then they’re too big in the waist. These fit both. I plan to order another pair! Very trendy. I’m 5’4” and weigh 130 lbs. I ... Read More
22 October 2020
I am pleasantly surprised that this pants are super comfy, stretchy, really fits like a glove, stylish & is more of a pants than just leggings style. So impressed and so worth the price! I tried some faux leather pants in the mall but this is way better. Thank u ... Read More