20 October 2020
Most of my jumpers are really thick and chunky so it's not always easy to layer them under my coats and jackets. It often feels really constraining and uncomfortable. This windbreaker jacket is ideal for wearing with my knits. The fact its oversized makes it easy to move around freely ... Read More
16 October 2020
I wasn't too sure how this jacket would look on me considering that all my other jackets are usually cropped. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it looked on me, even though it's oversized it's not overwhelming, it's the perfect shape.
11 October 2020
This jacket is so useful that I don't leave the house without it! It's been a lifesaver in so many situations when it's just started pouring it down with rain in the middle of a sunny day.
07 October 2020
I bought this jacket since I like to go on long walks no matter the weather. This jacket is perfect for my needs and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who loves the outdoors as much as I do. It has everything I need, a hood, pockets, and it's an ... Read More
04 October 2020
The problem is with so many coats nowadays is that they look great but they're not functional, this windbreaker is the exception. It looks good but the best part is that it's multi-purpose, I can wear it come rain or shine.
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