02 December 2020
I have heard such great things about these leggings that I just had to get a pair myself to see if the rumours were true and I can report back to my lady friends that they are. Not only are they available at a great price, but my legs have ... Read More
02 December 2020
Is it so much to ask for a pair of leggings that are not only durable and actually fit, but sexy as well? That has been my question for a while now and luckily, I have finally found some that check off all my boxes. Not only are these leggings ... Read More
01 December 2020
Like most women out there, I cannot tell you how many pairs of leggings I have gone through over the years because a lot of them may look good but are not as supportive or as fashion forward as one would like. Well, once I saw these online, I decided ... Read More