21 October 2020
This is such a smart fashion product! I can tell it's been well thought out, it really covers all angles. It looks cool, feels comfortable when it's on and of course it helps prevent pickpocketing. The fact that It's the perfect size to carry to the gym, work and even ... Read More
20 October 2020
I was so happy with this backpack since it looks exactly like the photos and it feels like a real quality product, in fact, I ended up buying one for my sister too since she's going on a trip across Asia. She was also surprised at not only how well ... Read More
15 October 2020
I love how fashionable this backpack looks considering the fact that it's also really functional. Living in London means there's always a slight fear of being a target of pickpocketing since it's becoming common, unfortunately. That's why I bought one of these backpacks as a precaution. The fact that it ... Read More
13 October 2020
The straps are my favorite part of this backpack, they're so sturdy and robust! The material looks and feels like it's of high quality, I have the impression it will last for a while. I use it for university since it fits everything I need on a daily basis.
11 October 2020
I went traveling around Central America recently and unfortunately, I had my backpack robbed when I wasn't looking, someone managed to slot their hand inside my bag and take my phone. After this incident, I decided to hunt for a more robust backpack, which wasn't easy! I was so ... Read More
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