21 May 2020
My schedule is usually packed and I'm a mom so I'm always on the go which is why these boots appealed to me. I'm so glad I ordered them! They fit really well and I like how they're not pointed at the front so they're ideal for walking around in ... Read More
16 May 2020
These boots look great with all my jeans. I've spent so long trying to find a pair of ankle boots that look good with my skinny jeans, flares and mom jeans. This pair is perfect since they're not bulky or chunky and they're still elegant without having a high heel.
12 May 2020
This is such a comfy pair of ankle boots, the fact they slip on makes them even more convenient. They're true to size and the material looks like it's of high quality. I love the small heel since I don't like wearing shoes that are completely flat because they don't ... Read More
10 May 2020
I ordered these boots for the spring climate because it's usually not hot enough to wear sandals and its too warm for long boots! These boots are a perfect in between and they look good with shorts, jeans, and dresses!
05 May 2020
I love how easy these boots are to slip on and off without having to tie any laces or spend minutes trying to squeeze my fit in. I'm always in a rush in the morning so pieces like this that are easy to wear make my life easier!
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