27 November 2020
I love the minimalistic, modern design of this dress! My sister loved it so much that she often borrows it, even though she's a size larger than me (I'm a medium and she's more of a large.) It fits both of us really well which is really rare!
22 November 2020
I prefer dresses that are practical and easy to wear with any accessories. This dress has come in handy so many times, I've thrown it on to go to meet friends or head to work. The linen material makes it look high-quality and feel really breathable, which is perfect for ... Read More
17 November 2020
I'm really petite since I'm only about 5'2 so I don't often wear loose shapes but I couldn't help but buy this dress since it looked so cozy. I'm really satisfied with the fit since it doesn't drown me! It just looks really cool and casual which is perfect for ... Read More
16 November 2020
I like how this dress reminds me of a really cool oversized t-shirt. It's still feminine but not too try-hard. I throw it on with my Vans and I'm ready to go!
15 November 2020
What can I say, I love everything about this dress! It's boho yet modern and just so easy to wear. When I want to dress it up I just belt it at the waist and add jewelry and it's as simple as that.
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