30 November 2020
These jeans are much better quality than I expected. They are not as thin and cheap feeling as a lot of other denim I’ve gotten online. The material is nice, love the ripped parts. I do like these jeans.
27 November 2020
I always struggled in the past to get a flattering pair of jeans and hardly ever wore them because i simply didn't feel comfortable or think they looked that great on me. But these are so comfortable, they look great, they are really flattering (I have quite meaty thighs and ... Read More
26 November 2020
These jeans fit really well, even on the waist, which I usually have problems with since I'm quite petite. The length is also great since I don't need to roll them up for once!
21 November 2020
I usually only wear high-waisted jeans but I liked this distressed pair so much that I thought I'd a midrise fit for the first time. They actually look amazing on me, they compliment my figure just as much as a high waisted pair.
16 November 2020
I was considering tearing my own jeans then I realized I would probably just destroy them! So I invested in this pair instead and it was a much better decision!