16 September 2019
I was shocked at how expensive these looked and just how comfortable they are. I have these in black and I can wear them with most of my clothes and I recommend these shoes to just about anyone.
14 September 2019
I just wanted some casual shoes that I could wear around the house or when out on errands that doubled as slip-ons and these were definitely a winner. I bought them in black and the sizing was right on the money too since I wear a size 6 and just ... Read More
13 September 2019
My daughter kept asking me to buy her a pair of these from the site but I don’t usually buy her shoes online because sizing can be a big issue and I hate doing online returns. Nevertheless, I did buy her these in a size up since that was what ... Read More
12 September 2019
I love how easy these boots are to slip on and off without having to tie any laces or spend minutes trying to squeeze my fit in. I'm always in a rush in the morning so pieces like this that are easy to wear make my life easier!
07 September 2019
I ordered these boots for the spring climate because it's usually not hot enough to wear sandals and its too warm for long boots! These boots are a perfect in between and they look good with shorts, jeans, and dresses!
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