13 August 2019
I was not sure which one of these to buy for my daughter, so I bought the basic black one. But once it arrived I could already see that this was more than just a basic black design and she really liked it. What’s great for her is that she ... Read More
09 August 2019
A nice day bag that can stylishly take you from point A to point B. It’s sturdy enough for all day wear, and cute enough to take out at night. And a total bargain at this price!
05 August 2019
My husband bought this for me to take to night classes since I had been complaining about the state of my present bag. This was the perfect solution because it is large enough to fit in all my notebooks and electronic devices, but it is also lightweight enough that I ... Read More
05 August 2019
I have been using my bag everyday since the day I received it. I LOVE IT. It's perfect for what I need. I highly recommend if you need a bag not too huge or small for everyday items. Straps are very comfortable for long term wear and it easily fits ... Read More
02 August 2019
I went traveling around Central America recently and unfortunately, I had my backpack robbed when I wasn't looking, someone managed to slot their hand inside my bag and take my phone. After this incident, I decided to hunt for a more robust backpack, which wasn't easy! I was so ... Read More
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