16 August 2019
Whenever I am traveling, I am always looking for somewhere to charge all of my devices, and sometimes it can really be difficult to find what I need in a convenient location. My husband knows how I have struggled with this issue in the past, and so he got me ... Read More
11 August 2019
My daughter is always looking to be plugged in to the internet so that she can stay in touch with her friends, so it seemed like a no-brainer to buy this satchel for her since I knew it would get a lot of mileage. I ordered it and of course, ... Read More
08 August 2019
A sleek black leather bag that not only is cute but keeps me plugged in at any time? This was definitely the satchel for me and the price was amazing too. For a woman like me always on the go, I recommend it to any women that is on a ... Read More
03 August 2019
My wife was looking for another alternative in a bag that could handle all of her accessories and gear when she is traveling, plus charge her phone so she doesn’t feel as if she is missing a thing as she likes to stay connected at all times. When it arrived, ... Read More