24 May 2020
I wanted a new steamer since I eat a lot of rice and vegetables, so this was more than I bargained for since I can cook entire meals in it at the same time. Now I don’t have to worry about losing flavour the next day as this perfectly seals ... Read More
24 May 2020
I really don’t have a lot of room in my small kitchen for many devices, so wen I bought this online, I was really hoping that it would be able to take care a lot of my needs. It arrived on time, and using it has made preparing meals so ... Read More
19 May 2020
My wife bought this because she was tired of throwing out leftovers from the night before. now that we have this in the kitchen, whatever we cook the night before tastes just as great if not better in this cooker the next day or two after because the flavours stay ... Read More