19 October 2020
I cannot tell you how many times I have bought equipment and tools for my home, only to get them and realize that they are basically useless and too expensive. But with this one, I have exactly what I need and not only is it beautiful, it actually does what ... Read More
16 October 2020
I am a total dork when it comes to fixing things and home improvement, so when a friend of mine suggested that I look into buying the Smart Screwdriver, I found it online and immediately scooped it up. It arrived ahead of time and from the beginning, I can say ... Read More
15 October 2020
I bought this for my husband because I know he loves his little DIY projects around the house and is always looking for the latest gadgets. The Smart Screwdriver has rave reviews online and so when I decided to get it for him, I was confident that he would fall ... Read More