16 September 2019
Love avocados all the way. Right now I am sick and fruit really helped me to regain strength, this product will help a lot of people suffering the same as fate as me.
11 September 2019
This is just what I need to munch on that avocado without the hassle. This will be my revenge to that avocado that made me do hell out of work to peel it and still looked terrible
09 September 2019
We absolutely love this avocado slicer. It's one of the few kitchen gadgets my wife approves of. We routinely use it and we have never had a problem with it. Cut the avocado in half, pop out the seed, and scoop/slice each half. The slices need to be pushed out, but ... Read More
05 September 2019
I use this for my Paleo avocado brownies recipe. Makes the job of getting the avocados removed so fast and easy! I will be buying this for my family and friends!
04 September 2019
I found and ordered this as soon as I got home from the emergency room after having needed stitches in my hand due to a slip of the knife while trying to remove an avocado pit. This gets 5 stars for safe pit removal.
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