21 September 2020
I only have great things to say about these pants! They fit amazingly, especially around the ankles. The army green color gives them that army edge and the buckles are so cool I don't even need to wear much jewelry with them.
16 September 2020
This order has restored my faith in online shopping! I always seem to miss the mark with my purchases, usually, the clothes don't suit me or fit properly. This pair of harem pants, on the other hand, are true to size and feel so comfy when you put them on.
16 September 2020
I love the relaxed style of these pants. I'm generally not into tight pants or jeans, I prefer something that's looser and casual so these pants instantly stood out to me. I really like the buckle details too, it makes them more interesting.
12 September 2020
I ordered this pair of pants not knowing how they would look on me considering I've never tried out the harem style before. I was sooo relieved when they fit well and looked great on me. They flatter my straight figure well.
10 September 2020
These pants really surprised me, my sister told me not to get them since they might make my legs look shorter but she was very wrong! The buckled ankles actually elongate my legs and I've been pairing them with my heels for extra height.
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