18 September 2019
Incredible! I never though there'd be such a thing. I was like manually sharpening our knives a week ago, but here I am just peacefully relaxing my ass of.
14 September 2019
..this is just quality right here, I've ordered this kind of product last summer, disappointed! but this one with the knives I'm using it's really doing a great job.
12 September 2019
hell of a job, made my day. I'll be sharpening my knives all day long with this awesome baby!
12 September 2019
Good job , the item arrived in mint condition, but I suggest you guys may want to wrap it more, this product may break when in transport.
09 September 2019
Legit webstore here. I will recommend my friends to buy this product and buy some more here. I enjoyed the process, and it's just quite easy actually.