15 September 2019
Just received these lovely life changing cake slicers, I bought 5 just in case someone from my family wanted to have one for themselves haha. this is surely a great gift for cake lovers like me.
14 September 2019
I'm still in awe, I didn't there's such a thing that exist. I'm just glad that I happen to scroll my facebook and saw you guys, if it wasn't for you cake slicing will still be boring as hell.
14 September 2019
OMG - if you do not have these, you are missing out. This item cuts not only uniform slices (preventing arguments over size) but pretty much the perfect size. Easy to use and a great home accessory.
10 September 2019
This is a great little tool to have in the kitchen, especially if you bake often. Very easy to clean, and the color definitely makes the item stand out; easy to find in a cluttered kitchen drawer.
06 September 2019
The cutest purchase I have made. You would not think I would get much use out of this but with all the kids having birthday cakes, this is easy enough for my kids to serve themselves which they absolutely love to do. This is even more fun for them to ... Read More
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