18 August 2019
Good products... If you order more than 1 they stack on to each other, be careful when opening the package, a friendly advice.
15 August 2019
Good products, according to the description and the seller very attentive. Super indicated! the delivery was superb, arrived here in less than a week, I thought it would arrive like half a month or so, super happy that it didn't, I was excited to use it in all sorts of ... Read More
14 August 2019
Excellent mat, order a second, baking not undercooked, baked through evenly. easy to wash. thank you.
09 August 2019
Just bought one.. love it. I'm on a diet and I was amazed at the amount of fat or grease came out of my food. Things were crisp because they don't sit in fat. Great product. I need to buy them for my daughter Christmas present
05 August 2019
Love these so much I got a few for my mother - makes fantastic roast potatoes, pumpkin and carrots too
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