15 September 2019
Super neat, I'll be replacing all the my wine bottle caps with these babies hahaha. It will be a heck of a laugh. excellent service man super appreciated what you guys done for me, I feel special, it just took you what 5 days to get here and I'm in ... Read More
11 September 2019
This was a heck of a find, I'm going crazy for buying this but what the heck. The quality of the product is really fine, very stiff hahaha. no damage, no scratch, it arrived in a really secured box with bubble wrap. thanks clevhouse, I'll order again maybe next week.
10 September 2019
I have the feeling that I'm going to use this a lot. I imagine my mom seeing this, it will surely be a laugh hahaha. anyways the delivery was amazing, it arrived 10 days away when I received the confirmation email. easy to understand order process.
08 September 2019
This is my first time seeing this. I thought why not order it, it seems fun to have it around. I'm enjoying every moment with it. I'll recommend clevhouse to my friends. thanks thanks! see you again
06 September 2019
I'm really impressed that my delivery was right on schedule, they gave me a tracking number to track my shipment. super fast and I'm relaxed all through the process. The item is super lovely, the color is what I see here on the picture. just amazing!
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